Mobile Phone Optimisation

Fully Optimised Website for Mobile Phone Browsers

Your new website created at QUICK ON THE NET is fully optimised for mobile phones without you even having to think about it. We're not just talking about mobile phones, because your new site is optimised for mobile/cell phones, iPads and tablets, along with the largest desktop computer monitors and laptop screens.

The website pictures and contents will automatically adjust and resize to fit the device you are using. In other words, pictures which appear large when viewed on a big computer screen will automatically reduce in size and adjust to fit the screen on a mobile phone browser. Similarly when the screen area is reduced in size on a smaller device, the menu system will collapse into an expandable drop-down menu.

We have added some stylish touches to make the website itself look and perform beautifully on a mobile browser and in particular, you can flick through gallery photos with finger swipes in the same way as you would on a mobile phone app.

Responsive Design for Every Screen Size and Shape

What is responsive design for mobile phones? A responsive website will automatically adapt to fit the device you are viewing the website on. We're talking about small screens or the largest monitors, viewed in landscape or portrait mode, high resolution or low resolution, it doesn't matter, we've got this covered.

Google has openly announced that mobile optimisation "will have a significant impact in Google Search results" on search engines and therefore there are important added benefits for business when your website is optimised for mobile usage.

Best of all, the technology described above automatically above runs in the background without you having to plan for it. In other words, just create your new website for a laptop or computer monitor and the mobile phone display will automatically take care of itself behind the scenes.

OK, we've covered mobile phones, social media and search engine optimisation. Now let's explore how you can add website widgets to create the ultimate visual impact with your new website.

Free Widgets to Supercharge to your Website

Add Free Widgets to your Website
We show you how to spice up your website completely free of charge by adding widgets to your web pages.
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