How to Choose an Email Address

How to Choose an Email Address for your Domain

OK, let's deal with an important issue first. Please note that QUICK ON THE NET does not manage your email service and is not responsible for your email accounts. In fact, we do not control any aspect of your domain email services.

If you wish to create a professional image for your business, you could consider purchasing an email hosting account when you register your domain name for your new website. Domain email accounts are not very expensive and normally it is best to buy them at the exact same time you register your domain.

Just to clarify, the email hosting service and the email accounts which run on your domain name are provided by your domain name registrar. It is also important to highlight that all help, support and configuration of your domain email accounts are provided by your domain registrar (domain name registration company).

However, if you use our website services, this means QUICK ON THE NET is your web hosting provider and we have chosen to present the important issues on this web page, so that you can get a better understanding of what is possible and who is responsible for the different services.

How to Choose the Right Email Addresses

Let's keep this simple and assume your domain is is called:

It is best to create a short email address which is easy to remember and simple to explain over the phone. Firstly please consider the personalised option because the most obvious choice is your first name:

For a larger business, there are popular generic email addresses you could consider:

If you want to keep your costs down, then you could consider having a single email address:

Avoid Spam Email from the Beginning

When you get a new email account, it is very tempting to promote it to the whole world and splash it all over your new website.

That should be avoided and we recommend you never publish your email address on your website or anywhere on the internet. If you want people to contact you, simply use your website contact form. You can add as many contact forms as you wish and the advantage is that you will receive website message enquiries in your email inbox without revealing your own email address.

It is important to remember that once the spam email starts to arrive, then it is probably already too late to take corrective action. Therefore, please be smart from the beginning and only give out your email address to trusted individuals.

Key Areas of Responsibility

OK, let's keep this simple and examine which company is responsible for which service.

If you sign-up and use our website services, QUICK ON THE NET is responsible for your:

  • Website hosting service.
  • Site builder toolkit (to build and update your new website).

If you register a domain name, your domain registrar (your domain name registration company) is responsible for your:

  • Domain name registration service.
  • Domain name renewal service.
  • Domain name accounts and email hosting service.

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