Free Site Builder Trial

No sign-up is necessary and you do not have to submit your email address. This offer is instantly available everyone:

Free Trial: Site Builder

When you arrive at the launch screen to create a website, please select:

  • Any 'Category' followed by a 'Sub-category'
  • Any 'Layout'
  • Any 'Style'


Now please click 'Save' and your new site will appear on screen.


After that, please click 'Menu' in the top left corner to reveal the site builder toolkit.


Please note that the free trial does not include all of our website features. In other words, it is a cut-back version of what you get if you decide to buy your website. For example, when you purchase your website, your website toolkit will contain a lot more features and you will be able to upload your own logo and pictures.

Build a Website

The free trial will give you a flavour of what we offer and it will allow you to:

  • Name your menu buttons
  • Add/remove menu buttons and web pages
  • Add text
  • Change layouts
  • Change styles (when you sign-up, you can create your own style)
  • Change backgrounds
  • Change spacing and alignment
  • Embed videos
  • Add PayPal payment buttons


Please note that free trial websites are automatically deleted every 24 hours, at 7:00 AM (GMT / UK time), if they are not purchased.

To buy the new website you have created, just click 'Menu' in the top left corner and click 'Buy' and then please complete your purchase.

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