Affordable UK Web Hosting Service Provider

Free website hosting is included as part of our website builder service at Quick on the Net. However, if you already have your own website and you are simply looking for a new web hosting provider, we have two affordable options for you to consider:

  • Rebuild your site using our site-builder toolkit
  • Host your existing site with another web hosting service provider

    1. Rebuild your Website using our Site-builder

    Our website builder tools are extremely easy to use and you would be surprised at just how quick and easy it is to rebuild your current site.

    This will allow you to improve the design of your current site and take full advantage of our internet features, such as contact forms, photo galleries, site search, e-commerce integration and search engine optimisation. The list goes on...

    For more details and a full feature listing, please see our website design services.


    You can copy and paste a significant amount of your current site directly into our site-builder toolkit. Your photos and graphics can be download to your computer by doing a right-click, followed by 'Save Picture As...'.

    When you have saved your images on your PC, you can upload them again. You can even recycle your graphical menu buttons and use them again at Quick on the Net. Easy!

    Don't just take our word for it. We invite you to read the feedback in genuine testimonials from real clients. You can view the customer references here: web hosting provider.

    2. Run your Existing Website with another Web Host

    Are you looking for Cheap Hosting in the UK?

    Are you running a Small Business?

    Fasthosts Web Hosting Services

    Click-through on the Fasthosts picture banner (directly) above to check the very latest deals on offer! This hosting service now includes free advertising vouchers.

    Please note that all voucher offers are subject to availability, so click-through to check the very latest deals on offer.

    .uk domains (including, and are ideal for any UK organisation or individual. Fasthosts (UKreg) is pleased to provide these popular TLD extensions for a year to customers who choose one in conjunction with a Fasthosts web hosting package.

    If you're looking for a low-cost solution for your business in the UK, look no further than Fasthosts, the UK's No.1 web host. Secure FTP access is provided with web space options ranging from 750MB up to a whopping 5GB. As the largest UK web hosting company, they provide regular discount offers and free trials.

    If you're technically minded, ASP or PHP, Perl and Python scripting come as standard, with ASP.NET also available on Windows at Fasthosts. MS SQL and MySQL databases plus Open Database Connectivity are all available as part of the service.

    The Home, Developer and Business hosting packages (from just £3.99) have all been recently boosted to provide a whole host of enhanced features, including:

  • Web space doubled.
  • New & improved SiteBuilder - now with 10 pages free!
  • More Advanced mailboxes and they now come with 1GB space (previously 100MB).
  • More virus & spam protected Advanced mailboxes included (worth £14.99 per year, each).
  • More FTP accounts now included.
  • Free MSN Search advertising - £50 adCenter voucher included.
  • Free Wise-FTP software - enabling files to be uploaded quickly and easily.

    For a complete professional solution, hook it all up to your own .COM domain name, use professional and/or mobile email and register a domain name while you're at it.

    Low-cost Dedicated Server Solutions

    How do I host my own website?

    You can even take it a stage further and run your own dedicated server.

    Dedicated Server

    With unlimited bandwidth, at Fasthosts you can choose to have your own virtual data pipe for your server, giving you unlimited capacity and guaranteed data transfer rates. With your virtual lease-line pipe connected directly to the backbone of the internet, your dedicated server will provide fast, unmetered data with no bandwidth bills.

    With your Fasthosts internet server, you have access to a range of affordable and exclusive supporting features that will help you get the most out of your dedicated server experience:

  • Expert server support - by phone or email 24/7.
  • Personal engineer - on demand experts with direct access to your hardware.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base articles - answers to all common server issues.
  • Database integration - a full range of database options is available.
  • Easy to use control panel - direct control of your account, with OS rebuilds, additional IP addresses and more.
  • Instant online set up - instant deployment infrastructure - set up as many dedicated servers as you need.

    Web Service Providers
    You can also save money and visit these other hosted solutions at Yahoo, eTribes, Plimus and others.

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